Antun Maračić: "Art From the Shadow"
Zagreb, January, 2016
The text is for the catalogue "Vrapce Pillows / Vrapcanski jastuci", Gallerry Forum

Dolores Marčetić: "Discrimination and Abuse Are a Reflection of the Social Situation Rather than the Weakness of Women"
Interview with Andreja Kulunčić
Zagreb, June 2015
Published on the LIBELA website on June 26, 2015


Irena Bekić: "Andreja Kulunčić: Creative Strategies"
March 3, 2015
The text was broadcasted in the radio show Triptih on the Third Programme of Croatian Radio


Bojan Krištofić: "Art as a Course in Democracy"
Zagreb, February 2015
Published on the vizkultura.hr website on February 13, 2015

Amanda de la Garza, Alejandra Labastida, Ignacio Plá:
"Creative Strategies Building the Common"

Mexico City, November 2013
Published in the catalogue of the solo show by Andreja Kuluncic "Conquering and Constructing the Common"
Museo MUAC (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo), Mexico City, Mexico.
Zoran Erić: "Re-imagining the community through art"
Belgrade, September 2013
Published in the catalogue of the solo show by Andreja Kuluncic "women.index"
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia.
Irena Bekic: "The Poetics of Social Change"
Zagreb, May 2013
Essey for the book "Andreja Kulunčić: Umjetnost za društvene promjene / Art for Social Changes"
Antonello Tolve: "The Social Sculpture of Andreja Kuluncic"
Napoli, December 2011
About the solo show by Andreja Kuluncic "Are you optimistic about the future?"
Museo MADRE Napoli
Radmila Iva Jankovic: "Are you optimistic about the future?"
Napoli, December 2011
Published in the catalogue of the solo show by Andreja Kuluncic
"Are you optimistic about the future?"
Museo MADRE Napoli
Irena Bekic: "Greetings from Korcula"
Zagreb, December 2010
For the project by Andreja Kuluncic "Commercialisation of History"
Bojan Mucko: "On the State of the Nation by Andreja Kulunčić
- normalization between the lines"

Zagreb, September 2010
Published in the magazine ORIS no.64
Petra Novak & Tamara Sertic: "Building bridges "
Zagreb, November 2010
Publishe in the publication "FROM Consideration to Commitment:
art in critical confrontation to society"
Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje, Zagreb 1990-2010
A conversation with Andreja Kulunčić
Moderator: Jelena Vesić

Belgrade, June 2009
Published in the catalogue "Videography of the region"
Dea Vidovic: "Interview with Andreja Kuluncic"
Zagreb, March 2009
Published on the web site http://www.labforculture.org/ (->CASE STUDIES)
& kulturpunkt.hr
Ivana Bago & Antonia Majača: "Andreja Kuluncic"
Zagreb, December 2008
for the catalogue "Andreja Kulunčić" printed in January 2009
published by Rigo Gallery, Novigrad, Croatia
Natasa Ilic: "The Tools of Resistance -
A Conversation with Andreja Kulunčić
Zagreb, September 2008
Exhibition catalogue: "UrbanFestival2008"
[BLOK], ZAGREB, 2008
Silva Kalcic:  "Disillusioned Art "
Zagreb, August 2006
Published in ORIS, Magazin for Architecute and Culture, Volume VIII, Number 40, 2006
Natasa Ilic: "A Place Under the Sun"
Zagreb, May 2006
Exhibition catalogue: "APlace Under the Sun", Zagreb, Gallery NOVA
Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy:
"Art World As Community, Artist As Sociologist"

New York, 2005
Exhibition catalogue: "The New York Art World for Dummies", Art in General, New York
Ben Rutter: "Andreja Kuluncic"
NY Arts Magazine
Published: July/August 2005
Carol Kino: "Croatian Artists Set Their Sights on New York"
New York Times (and Internarional Herald Tribune)
Published: June 23, 2005

Frans-Josef Petersson and Robert Stasinski:
"INTERVIEW: Andreja Kuluncic"

Stockholm, 20 April 2004
Published in NU-E web magazine 23/11/04: Issue # 4

Thomas Dreher:
Net Polls and Political Dialogues: Andreja Kuluncic

München, July 2003
IASLonline Lessons in NetArt
Natasa Ilic: "Introduction: Interview with Andreja Kuluncic"
Zagreb, April 2003
Exhibition catalogue: Distributive Justice, Zagreb, PM Gallery
Nada Beros:" Andreja Kuluncic: Volume-up"
Zagreb, April 2003
Exhibition catalogue for The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Denmark

Matthias Dusini:
"Crossing the publicity border. The work of Croatian
artist Andreja Kuluncic"

December 2002 - February 2003
Published in Springerin 4/02: Far Eastern

Branko Franceschi:  "www.andreja.org"
Zagreb, September 2001
Published in "Život umjetnosti", 65/66-02, Zagreb, 2002

Natasa Ilic, Ana Devic:  
"Nama: 1908 employees, 15 department stores"

Zagreb, March 2002
NAMA booklet


Silva Kalcic:  "Passport"
Zagreb, February 2002
Artefact Jezevo

Janka Vukmir: "Andreja Kuluncic"
Zagreb, May 2002
Documenta11, short guide
Natasa Ilic: "Artist from ..."
Zagreb, May 2002
booklet for Manifesta4