4th. Austrian Triennial on Photography
Sight.Seeing Graz 2003

Twenty international artists are presenting works of photography, in which the study of urban space, like sightseeing, is an externally introduced activity, its portrayal should take place first and foremost within its own physical and societal setting, and at the same time in the print media and in virtual space.

In this series of photographs (for reasons of conceptual content there had to be more than one photo), Andreja delegates the recording of city sights to several people who, in turn, use their own dramatic situation to transform the visitable into the desirable, as if it were a natural process. This process is designed almost as a stage set, using individual images in the mind's eye of people of both sexes and various ages - asylum-seekers in Graz - who were prepared, for the moment it takes to take a photo, to burst out of the small, meagrely equipped city waiting room into a projection room.

Text by Werner Fenz

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