2003- 2010

2 Videos (20 min), mural painting

Contemporary Art Exhibition
" Moscow square "
Ludwig Museum Budapest
2003, Budapest, Hungary


The videos were realized on Moszkva tér (Moscow square) in Budapest. The artist found out that a cross-section of the various Hungarian social strata appears on that square.

The left video shows five people going home from Moszkva tér. Each way home is marked on the mural painting.The persons are not visible, but the surroundings they see on the way home, and we hear their voices talk about the square and the changes in the society. These people have very different social status, age and financial background, but what they have in common is that Moszkva tér is the last stop they make in the city before going home.

The right video shows a public debate with the participation of social scientists (anthropologist, psychiatrist and urban sociologist) who discussed the difficulties of adapting oneself to the new social situation, which the people from the left video have gone through during the transition from socialism to capitalism, and how to adapt to a society defined by new morals, shifting values and lifestyles, and by money.

Work on display:
(three possible options for the set up of the work in the exhibition space)

Both videos are shown on the same projection. The visitors can choose the sound by pressing the button. The sound can be the voice of the person on his/her way home from the square, OR the debate with the social scientists about the people from the first video.

Both videos are shown on the same projection. The video with 5 walks is bigger and projected over the map of Budim (which is marked with paths of the walks on the wall). The public debate is a smaller projection. The sound is comming from the walks, the debate is on headphone.

Two separate projections. The bigger projection is the video with 5 walks, over the map of Budim which is direcctly applied on the wall. The debate is on a smaller projection with a headphone.