Andreja Kulunčić
Locating Social (Un)Awareness, 2011

Bluetooth based Intervention / Installation

Technology is often just another tool for leaving others behind, and above all in favour for those who are skilled, equipped and able. That is why, when thinking about technology as a symbolic 'gate/passage', I could not avoid the question of social awareness. How to (conceptually, and in somewhat cynical gesture) into the 'discourse of mapping' the reality around us, introduce the reflection of attitudes toward the others, and the issue of social vulnerability? In fact, mapping in itself with its military and invading symbolism denies the 'awareness' towards the society, underlines the cynical, if not absurd idea of monitoring, locating, mapping and using thus in the name of freedom and democracy.

Do we want to know what people currently surrounding us think about the issue of asylum seekers, homosexual relationships, women's rights? Whether the people with whom we are in the same room are racist, sexist, homophobic? Wether our neighbours want equal payment for both sexes, and whether they would agree that all Russians living in Estonia receive Estonian citizenship?

Technology is here used to monitor not our actions, but our thoughts and attitudes. This method of 'thought-policing' is not used to separate the acceptable from unacceptable but first of all to question how important it is for us to share our social (un)awareness with others? Does it even matter?

The work starts from this last question. It should matter, and then with time we might correct our social (un)awareness and tacit acceptance of (un)awareness of our fellow citizens, politicians, and written laws.

Project Realization
Author: Andreja Kulunčić
Mobile application: Zvonko Grujić & Đorđe Grbić
Web programming: Ivica Hrg
Design: Dejan Janković

Special thanks to Ragne Nukk

Produced within the framework of the "Gate(way)s" exhibition
at the KUMU Art Museum Tallinn, Estonia

Curator: Sabine Himmelsbach

May - September 2011

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