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Exploration of new models of sociability and communication situations, an interest for socially engaged themes, confrontation with different audiences, and collaboration on collective projects characterize Kuluncic's artistic practice. She sets up her own interdisciplinary networks, seeing artistic work as a process of cooperation (co-creation) and self-organization, often asking the audience actively to participate and "finish" the work.

Art is understood as research, by which research results are no longer primary, but are rather one of the integral components, the background on which artistic production unfolds. The interdisciplinary in which specific artistic skills are complemented by complementary skills from other areas is an important element of Andreja Kuluncic's artistic practice, whose works are almost regularly created in collaboration with sociologists, philosophers, scientists, designers, or marketing experts.

By operating in the marginal areas of opposition and focusing her critique on the central values of imaginary institutions of globalizing societies and divisions conditioned by them, her artistic production suggests the capability of art to offer polemical grounds for the rethinking and dissolution of certain institutional forms and the creation of new ones.

Andreja Kuluncic has been featured in numerous group exhibitions among others: Documenta11 (Kassel, Germany, 2002), Manifesta4 (Frankfurt/Main, 2002), The American Effect (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 2003), 8th International Istanbul Biennial (Turkey, 2003), Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2004) etc.

Address: Bernarda Vukasa 47, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska.
Mob.: + 385 98 903 93 29


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