ART-ACT-BOX: Performing the Exhibition

Interactive contemporary dance performance
Zagreb, Barcelona, Novi Sad, Slovenj Gradec in 2016 /
Cakovec, Sibenk, Pazin, Zagreb in 2017

Exhibition and contemporary interactive dance performance based on methods and materials the artists used as means of activating the community during the 60s and the 70s.

Author: Andreja Kulunčić / Choreography: Zrinka Užbinec /
Performers: Zrinka Užbinec, Ana Kreitmeyer, Maja Kalafatić and Mar Medina /
Project curator and coordinator in 2016: Jasna Jakšić / Coordinator in 2017: Martina Kontošić /
Research: Tihana Puc, Bella Rupena / Design: Ruta
Production: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and NGO MAPA

Performing the Museum is an initiative of four different museums - Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Antoni Tapies Foundation from Barcelona, Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts from Slovenj Gradec and Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina from Novi Sad.
“ART-ACT-BOX” is an object containing easily dismantled props for an art exhibition. The content is based on methods and materials the artists used as means of activating the community or the audience and critically examining the institutions and the socio-political system during the 60s and the 70s.

The performer (contemporary dancer) using the A-A-B object „performs the exhibition” together with the audience through choreography composed of motions (gestures) and words (dialogues, readings, statements, recorded materials). The object thus becomes the prop in the performance.

The aim is to familiarize the public with this form of art practice and to present the creative tools for creating and communicating the critical content. This is achieved by introducing artistic methods (for instance proposals for actions in public space, theoretical installations, arte utile, direct work, manifests, body gestures etc.) and simple artistic materials (mirrors, scotch tape, colored tapes, marker, pen, flash light, cardboard cubes, postcard etc.) through an interactive performance. The contemporary dancer, following the previously elaborated choreography, takes the elements from the box to create the exhibition, performs certain artworks with movements, and involves the audience as a living part of the choreography. The duration of performance is 45 minutes.

The exhibition can be „invited“ to any community, institution or informal organization via web sites of the participating museums. Each museum has an A-A-B object and the performance in their own language (Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish and Catalan so far). Results of the interaction with the public during the performances are shown at the Museum in the form of video installation with a discussion-presentation, involving the participating communities.

Goals: (1) to experiment with unconventional ways of exhibiting art content and communicating with the audience; (2) to engage new visitors; (3) to make non-objective, critical art practice more approachable to the audience and also to present innovative tools for creating and communicating the critical content; (4) to educate through interactive approach about art and contemporary dance.